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“Here’s the thing” is a phrase I often use in my head when I start formulating an argument. An argument that sadly, can never quite make it through the little gate I call a mouth. There are so many things I hope I could say. Say to the world, and to people that so perfectly yet so preposterously represent it. So maybe I’ll start today. Through hands.
Life is short; therefore live life to the fullest, they say. We live in this world with full acknowledgement that life is temporary, and yet seem to live in complete and utter denial of the fact. Many times we consider what “other people” say or think, regardless of what we want, what makes us happy. We sacrifice our own ease, the flow of things, to conform to the all-to-often narrow confines of society. It’s silly, it’s inexplicable, it’s ruthlessly addicting: conformity is. And honestly I think the most ill-fated people are those who are neither weak enough to fall subject to “everyone else,” nor strong enough  to fully rebel against the world. These fall into a void of utter helplessness.
These look for a single strand, that may perhaps bring about something more real out of the world.
For me, you might just be that strand.

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