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Every girl out there wants to be treated like a princess. So they go out — searching far and wide — for the prince-like, well dressed guy who will be the perfect portrayal of their daydreams.
They all want a guy who open doors, who will sweep them off their feet and kiss them on their forehead. They all yearn for someone to chase them down in the rain and hold them when the weather gets cold. They all want someone who is romantic, sweet, understanding, kind. Yet they always end up with someone who’s immature, loud, disrespectful, and typically a jerk.
Where did they go wrong you ask?
They went wrong as soon as they fell in love with their eyes open. Just because someone “looks” like they could be your prince charming does not mean that they are truly the one for you. Girls, just like guys, often fall in love with their eyes wide open; meaning they love the outer appearance more than what’s truly inside.
Just because someone’s appearance is that of a “prince”, it does not mean that he will treat you like the way you want to be treated. Just because he’s tall does not mean he will open doors. Just because he have a great smile does not mean he will sweep you off your feet. Just because he dresses well does not mean he will kiss you on your forehead.
If you want to be treated like a princess — to fall in love with someone who will undoubtedly chase you down in the rain and hold you when you sleep — then listen to Andy Warhol and fall in love with your eyes closed. Look for someone who’s your prince inside and out. Don’t fall for the outer cover just because it’s appealing. Wait ‘til you discover those inner layers because as you’ve heard before, the most beautiful people can sometimes be the ugliest.

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